Introducing Teens to Booze? Yay or nay?

Yesterday heralded (yet more) study and research into what you do as a parent and how this is screwing your kids up.

Probably for life.

This one – again – was about introducing alcohol to teenagers, with parents under the belief that this will teach the to respect alcohol and teach them to drink in moderation … one such article can be read

2 Replies to “Introducing Teens to Booze? Yay or nay?”

  1. Bravo! I agree that there is far more to this topic than an extreme viewpoint either way.

    I haven’t read the research, but would be interested to see how the results of this study compared to a study of the impact of the family attitude to alcohol in general on a teen’s tendency to drink.

    I don’t drink often, but when I do I try to drink responsibly. My children know that I actively avoid alcohol if I know that I will be driving – that being a designated driver is a serious responsibility. I hope that they make good choices with alcohol when they get older and I hope that I am modelling a responsible attitude.

    Good thing the researcher didn’t include me in their study sample. Apparently I had my first alcoholic drink at the age of 6 months (mouthful of beer shared by a relative who was well and truly in party mode) yet I remain a moderate and responsible drinker myself. 🙂

    1. For me, it just seems so obvious. I don’t really understand why it is never considered in the broader system. Aside from just another parent-bashing, divisive ‘discussion’ point.

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