Introducing the Real Mums Rating System

Due to reasons, most of which are beyond my control, I have felt compelled to introduce a ratings system of sorts.

I’ve done this because I understand and appreciate that not everyone shares the same sense of humour or ability to understand the concept of sarcasm, much less decipher it.

Also, I have noticed, some people don’t like being confronted with reality; even when I keep it subtle and not really in-your -face with horrendousness. Some also don’t like to be told stuff that makes them think about the way they do stuff, especially when it challenges them and gives them the option to do things differently (albeit not easily).

That’s cool.

I’m not judging or anything. It’s just how some people are. I’m totally like that when humour is significantly lacking, and I’ve totally misread a situation because I

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  1. Have followed your diaryofamadcow page for ages. Love love love your writing and humour.. And honesty. Have ventured across here to check out the scenery… 🙂

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