Iron? What is this you speak of?

Urk. Swimming lessons with Chippie again.

Of course, the day started urky well before then, with Monkey Boy complaining he was tired and didn’t like getting up (join the club), then he didn’t like putting his shoes on while he was playing (a rule I had to implement becuase he would keep playing then we’d be late for school coz he didn’t have his shoes on), the he didn’t like walking to school (we weren’t, it’s Wednesday morning. We drive on Wednesday mornings) then he didn’t like … by this stage it was all white noise.

And he was most miffed when I informed him “Well, I don’t like little boys who are poo heads, yet here we are.”

Got rid of them, then braced myself for lessons in the pool. Usual changing room behaviours, him flirting with all the oldies there for their weekly aqua aerobics class, crawling off (and out doors) while I was naked and testing his voice and it’s echo.


Screamed only intermittently throughout his lesson this week, instead of all

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