Is it too late …?

Godzilla’s dramatics are getting beyond a joke!

His throwing himself to the floor at the drop of a hat.

Yes, literally the drop of a hat.

He almost swoons; back of hand to forehead, just prior to the collapse onto the floor and the heartbreaking sobbing.

And you should see what happens if you tell him “No!”

Lordy me. I’ve never seen anything like it. Naomi Campbell couldn’t hold a candle to him.

(Note to self: Godzilla not allowed to go near phones whilst throwing a tanty)

If I didn’t think it would fuck with his self esteem, I’d be off to buy him a tiara and a Versace Gown.


Is it too late to nominate him for the Oscars this year?

On the upside, they gym up the road are offering half price on their midmorning classes, so might just go off and do a Body Balance tomorrow morning …

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