Is nothing sacred?

I received a gorgeous package in the mail.

A HUGE box, chock full of lollies! Yummo!!!!

And, in my current delicate state, it was lovely. It made me cry. But then again, anything makes me cry these days. It also has the added bonus of settling my stomach at time. Ok, all the time. Ok, that’s just my excuse, but I’m stickin’ to it.

But I have to hide it. Everyone else in the house keeps stealing from it. I created a special box in my office. It sits in the middle of the floor and is full of papers and flyers and business cards and stuff. I tell everyone it’s stuff to be filed, but really, it’s stuff I probably won’t ever look at again. The sole purpose of the Special Filing Box is to hide my lollies and chocolate stash and the like.

Sadly, the Grumpy One has discovered it and it has been massively violated.

And then he complains when I stab him repeatedly!

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