Is the day over yet …

Hmm. Not quite 9am.

Woken up at Stupid O’Clock for a feed – dunno where that came from, coz he hasn’t done that for a while. He’s woken at Stupid O’Clock, just not needed a feed.

Then again at that time just approximately 20 minutes before you’re ready to wake up. Then, him sorted, Monkey Boy comes in, not happy, complaining of a sore throat.


Lucky they already have today off school (Curriculum day or report writing or the teachers have had enough of our kids and have gone to the pub for the day), because I think I’d have a hard time getting myself organised, let alone having to yell at them a lot!

Grumpy waves us farewell as he heads off to work. I swear he was gloating. The smirk on his face gave it away.

*sigh* Then I remember; during a moment of weakness last night (a glass of wine down and 7 minutes before Grey’s Anatomy started) a friend rang asking if her not one, but two children could stay the night at our house tonight.

She did go on to explain why the late request, as she was off for a kid free weekend of pampering and massages and nice meals at nice restaurants with her husband and her original plan had gone a bit awry.

I was tempted to tell her to fuck off, and if she’d required a baby sitter to have a brain tumour removed then I would have been more aquiescent.

I didn’t. I said yes. Because I’m that sort of person.

And I have a friend popping over at lunch time. I have to do something about feeding her.

Wonder if I can get the kids to go for a loooooong walk so they’re suitably subdued until their friends get here?

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