Is today over yet?

Awoke this morning with throat still sore, and icky feeling moving to chest.

Lay in bed for some time, mummbling to self “plesae don’t make me get up, please don’t make me get up”

Grumpy had head off to work, so had to drag self up, attempt to swallow food (youch) without the aid of coffee, because right at this moment, coffee tastes like crap.

Oh, bugger, then remember to make school lunches.

Dropped Monkey Boy at school, barely, then head off to swimming lessons with Godzilla. Had to try and decipher, with a stuffed head, what the reception staff were on about with re-enrolling for next term, given that I had received a phone call saying he was staying in the same level, then told he was going up.

Surely this is not my decision, nor my problem to work out. Just tell me what time and I will give you money!!

Attempted afternoon sleep, but phone kept ringing. Which was just fabulous for my throat.

And temper.

Picked Monkey Boy up, head off to swimming, return to school to collect tooth which fell out at school, head off to swimming

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