It can be a bit annoying, yes.

The “why” never stops.

Never, ever, ever.

The question just gets harder. And harder. And harder.

It’s no longer just “why?”. There’s a whole lot more added to it.

Fortunatley, for me, Monkey Boy asks lots of questions about how the body works. My favourite topic. Some days, when I’ve been talked at a lot, I think that when I grow up I might go and be that CSI guy who cuts up bodies to work out how they died. I’d like that. Something that interests me. And no one talks incessantly.

I digress …

“So, mum, if all the blood came out of your body, what would happen to you?

“You mean, when you exsanguinate?”

I’m not showing off, or trying to show my kid I’m better than he is.

I jsut always wanted to use that word in a sentence.

“Um. Yeah, when you do that. What would happen to you?”

“Well. You’d die.”

“Oh ok. So … what would happen if you had just one drop of blood left in your body?”

“Well, you’d still die.”

“Hmm. That’s annoying.”

Yes. But not quite so annoying as being asked the same question five days running.

Now, all I need is a question where I can utilise the word eviscerate.

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