It is 7.03 am

Up earlyish to manage a shower before Grumpy heads off.

Prefer to stay in bed; exhausted after event on the weekend and brain about to explode.

Sit to read paper (coz Grumpy isn’t there, so I can) and enjoy a MUG.

Kids get up, and within approximately 23 seconds, we have:

  1. a tantrum because child 1 turned off tap that child 2 was washing his hands under
  2. child 1 saying “oh, I didn’t know”
  3. child 2 screaming because child 1 is standing in his way refusing to move
  4. child 1 yelling back becuase child 2 not letting him move out of the way
  5. child 1 farting in face of child 2
  6. child 2 having complete meltdown and screaming “he farted in my face”
  7. child 1 saying “ha ha, I farted in your face”
  8. mummy wondering why they need to keep repeating this, as its fairly obvious and she’s sure the neighbours neither care nor want to know at this hour of the morning
  9. mummy screaming and yelling about how long they’ve been up for before their crap starts
  10. mummy wonders, seriously, if 7.03am is still too early for wine o’clock?

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