It is beginning …

The start of the festivities for us.

Ok, I’ve already had on Christmas lunch – but that was of my own doing, and it was only me that went.

Today, a morning tea at school to say “thanks” for helping (Grumpy and I both went on a excursion each), where we were treated to lots of food prepared by the teachers.

It wasn’t too bad at all.

Obnoxious committee lady was there and made Chippie cry. Just be looking at him. Kids just know stuff.

We now only have to attend one of Grumpy’s work Chrimstas part (not sure when this is, he mentioned it in passing, gave no indication of date or time or any other useful type information that will allow me to record the party in my diary so we don’t miss it), take Godzilla to a birthday party (why, why are children having birthdays at this time of year?!), the kinder group breakup, the kinder breakup, attend a school picnic, attend Santa assembly at school and in the meantime, finish the Christmas shopping and purchase school uniforms for Godzilla for next year.

Thankfully, Chippie has reduced his number of feeds and is sleeping a little longer at night. Otherwise, I might be a complete mess.

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