It is Birthday Month

Today, I reach a very important milestone.

Yes, I have been a Mum to 3 Boys for three full years now.

Sure, it’s Chippie’s birthday, too. Whatever.

More importantly, however, it is also the month in which my birthday falls. Put it in your diary. Yes, the whole month. I like gifts and presents, so happy for you to send one every day …. 😀

(No oven mitts, please 😛 :D)

Anyhoo, because I’m such a giving person and I like giving awesome stuff, I am giving you a 40% discount on EVERYTHING over at the Real Mums Shop.

This inlcudes the proof copy of my book, MUG, my Mayhem Managers, Real Mums t-shirts and whatever else is over there.

For this month ONLY!

My birthday for ONE whole day this month, and YOU get something special for EVERY DAY of it.

Hmmm … there’s something not qutie right about that … :S

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