It is so a word!

The last day of 2008.

I wonder what the new year will bring.

I think back over my last few weeks; the fullness, chaoticness of them. So full and chaotic that I’m even making up words about how full and chaotic they were.

I think about our plans for the evening – sitting at home, Grumpy saying he couldn’t be bothered with it all and he’ll probably go to bed early. I think, yet again, I missed the opportunity to invite some people over and have a couple of drinks and some fun with some great people.

I think about what I have planned for the next day, the next week, the next month.

Hmmm. Still all seems pretty chaotic to me.

I sit for a minute. There in front of me is the new magnetic Hangman that Monkey Boy got for Christmas.

I love Hangman.

I talk Monkey Boy and Grumpy into playing with me. It’s my go, and I don’t have to think very hard about the word.

It’s just there. In my head.

The guessing starts. “B” … “nope” and so on and so forth until they are one letter away from getting hung.




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