It most certainly is

The usual Tuesday morning routine, where I am woken by Grumpy’s alarm.

Actually, slightly unusual awakening, as it’s usually Chippie crying an hour before the alarm where I am woken. Thankfully, he awakes just before Grumpy gets out of the shower, so they have breakfast together and I am reprieved of that particular fun-filled task.

Then its on to getting older kids up, yelling at them about various things such as breakfast, dishwashers, shoes, reader books and wearing pants to school.

Whereby Godzilla bounces around in various stages of dress and Monkey Boy heads to toy room to play with his Thomas set (brought out as Chippie has a harder time eating it than Lego and Monkey Boy loves it, even though he won’t admit it, because he’s far too old for that sort of thing now.)

And it is whilst the two of them – the oldest and the youngest – are in their playing that Monkey Boy informs me of something I already knew, but couldn’t quite place …

“Mu-uum! Chippie is acting all cutesie. It’s pure sign of evil!”

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