It must be right, it's on TV

Bed time is upon us.

Which means finishing up playing, brushing teeth and getting into bed.

This also means lots of repeating self, asking politely, resorting to firm voice and a final “Go and brush your teeth NOW!”

It also means, time for a Chippie feed, which means I can’t get off the couch, and time for Grumpy to ‘have’ to do something on the computer, so no backup till he gets fed up with my repeating myself.

As I was on the couch, I like to watch TV. As there was nothing on, I flick through channels whilst saying “have you brushed your teeth yet?” while Godzilla skips around the house holding a toothbrush and getting toothpaste on every available surface and Monkey Boy stops to play with everything vaguely resembling a toy until he gets to the bathroom.

A new show is starting. We get the “the following program is rated” spiel while Godzilla stands and watches, toothbrush in mouth (the wrong way) and I repeat “go and brush your teeth” for the 896th time that night.

“We can watch this! It says ‘P. G'”

I said “No you can’t, you can go brush your teeth and go to bed.”

“Yes, we can, coz PG says “children can watch this” so we can watch it.”

“No. Teeth. And bed! GO!”

“No, we can watch it, it says.”

“I say you can’t watch it, now go.”

“Yes, we can watch it! PG says we can watch it!”

“Who says you can watch it? The TV or Me?”

“The TV!”

So long as I know where I stand …

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  1. I was (sadly) reminded of the episode of the Simpson’s where, at the end, Homer hugs the TV and says “lets never fight again.”

    (I say ‘sadly’ because lots of things that happen in my house remind me of the Simpsons.)

    TV is having a big influence on Godzilla – jsut now, walking home, he asked what were were having for dinner and I replied “Chicken” to which he informed me that if you don’t like chicken there is something wrong with you …

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