It never, rains

Sometimes, I feel in a spiral of Wrongness. Where something doesn’t go quite right, and every subsequent event – whether related or not – goes just that little bit worse.

I’ve been waiting for a file for three days. A big one – so I’m sensible enough to know that its not going to come by e-mail.

I’ve got it twice now, via two different means. The document refused to open for me. Despite it having come from me in the first place.

Why aren’t computers sensible? Its just not logical.

A third time fails, and the original disk is returned to me. Surely nothing can go wrong here.

Oh, wait, it can and it does. The file will still not open for me.

Technical people are called in to assist. There are hours of input and eventually the file is delivered to my desktop in a form that will work.

Or so I thought.

Surely a conversion to PDF is simple. I’ve done it loads of times. Not this time. It doesn’t like something. I yell and scream for a bit. Swear at the computer. Delete a few things and put them back in. Eventually it works.


Now to take the file to the printers.

Which has closed down???? Will people think I’m odd, lying on the footpath in the foetal position, howling.

Its ok, they’ve moved around the corner, to a spanking new office.


Now, off to Ikea. Still have stuffed up head, so not sure if this is a good idea, but what they hell. My morning has been crap. Surely things can only get better from here on in.

Why do I bring Grumpy and the kids with me to Ikea? Why? Why?

Locate the storage bays for the items we want, to find them completely empty!

A staff member takes pity on us and directs us to a display area, where there is an unnecessarily large pile of the products we’re after.

Negotiate the trolley to the car, where we discover one item will not fit.

Having Ikea’d before, we can handle this. Its a simple matter of tying the flat pack to the roof of the car with the rope that permanently resides in the back … except for today!


Compromise with some octopus straps, which, surprisingly, hold for the entire journey home.

Return home well after evening meal time, eat, then stare at the boxes.

Should we? Shouldn’t we?


A unanimous resounding “NO!!” solved the dilemma for us.

Not going near a flat pack after our day!

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