It was an accident

Argh! Already.

Attempting that mad school and kinder at the same time schmozzle (and gotta get my priorities right – there are parenting forums I need to indulge in, along with my MUG of coffee, first) and both Godzilla and Monkey Boy were doing everything in their power to resist doing what they were asked.

How many times are you required to say “Put your school uniform on” before something even resemblinig moving in the appropriate direction takes place?

Or before you are required to scream “put your fucking uniform on now” then smile and wave to the young, childless couple walking past your open front door?

Got one moving in the right direction, and turn to find the other scooting around the living area on his new, blue scooter.

“Are you scooting around the house when you’ve been told a bazillion times not to?”

“No. Is was just an accident!”


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