It wasn't me, it was the other kids

Arrived Sydney feeling like I’d been dragged through an all day excursion with a bunch of grade one kids (i.e. pretty bad!!) and thinking I’m probably going to have to get used to this flying thing.

And leaving the house without some mashed or smeared foodstuffs or some bodily fluid courtesy of a child on my person. Or jeans.

Particularly as I am greeted by my driver, erm, whoops, I mean My Driver, as soon as I appear to collect my bags and am transported to the new Coca-Cola headquarters in North Sydney.

I meet my fabulous co-Live Positive Ambassadors (Stacey & Brenda) and Coke Dude and had a tour of the brand new 5 and a half greenstat building, which has walls made from recycled plastic bottles and had me concerned it was biodegradable andI hoped we had plenty of time left. We learnt much more about Coke and how they were starting with makin gglobal changes by starting with their own staff and makig them responsible for their actions and the impact they have on others.

Pretty cool concept!

All the super important people there (with the exception of Coke Dude of course) ran and hid when they heard us coming. I’m not sure how they heard us because we were super composed and sensible and weren’t using the Coca-Cola beach balls for boobs while posing for photos or anything so immature as that.

Once we’d toured the facilities and had a bit of

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