It wasnt' me … or was it?

Ah, Father’s Day, where we all get to tiptoe around Grumpy Pants because it is his day and he’s allowed to be.

Godzilla kept telling everyone who’d listen that “Daddy can do what he likes today”. Except when Daddy suggested Family Day Trip and the usual happened. So I was forced to use the “It’d Daddy’s day so he can choose what we do” which I really hate doing.

Godzilla takes it far too literally.

So off we head, to Echuca for the day, because that’s where Grumpy wants to go.

“But it’s boring, and I don’t like it.” And blah blah blah, till I actually did explode and yell “It is Daddy’s day and he will choose where we go and you will be nice to him and you will ENJOY wherever it is we go whether you like it or not!”

And they shut up. Then we did lots of “hurry up and get in the car” and while they were doing that, Monkey Boy’s doona was in the wash and had 6 minutes to go, so I thought we’d wait till that was done and I’d hang it out before we left. The washing machine got stuck and said “6 minutes” for quite some time, so we waited and waited, while the kids sat in the car, and we washed some dishes and had a lovely, stress free moment, and some chatting along lines of “Should we lock the back door and do a runner out the front?”

And we’re off. Complete with some very bad games of “Eye Spy”,

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