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  1. My child started bringing home little friends when she started Kindy. I gave her the choc flavoured Combantrin which did get rid of the worms. Four months later, she was infected again. gave her Combantrin again. 2 months later, you guess it, infected again. Local health food store put me onto this herbal product. Not the best tasting but she told me a tick of making Jelly and pouring into ice cube trays. once jelly cools down, add a dose to each cube. I gave my child a jelly cube with the medicine as per instructions on bottle. she never gotten another infection after that and that was 4 years ago

    1. Thanks for the tip. I had no probs with Combantrin, nor had repeats with worms. Think some of that also had to do with being aware of them and how they’re contracted! Thanks goodness.

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