It'll be fun, they said …

Over the last three to four weeks, we have been receiving vague, verbal indications as to when we’ll be allowed to move into our new abode.

We haven’t really had a good look at it, only from the outside, and it is looking rather marvellous and exciting.

And we are both stressing. Will all our shit fit in, stop calling it shit, it’s just stuff that we have collected, but it’s shit, no it’s not, it’s good stuff and stuff the kids used a lot but have now grown out of, and how will we set up all the rooms.

Having also been working on quite a number of things at the same time; a couple of business things, a few teenage related stressful things, a few ASD things, tantrums, extended family and close friend dramas, my life is somewhat full.

The issue of Packing Stuff To Move has reared it’s ugly head and as much as the idea of creating a large bonfire and starting over again is appealing, most of the Stuff (Not Shit) is stuff that would break my heart if it were burnt to death, so that is not an option.

Also, it would require the need to take The Grumpy Fucker shopping for all new Stuff That Is Not Shit But Actually Necessary; like couches and fridges and bookshelves and shit-that’s-not-shit.

You can imagine how much fun Life is right now.

Taking into consideration all that is occurring in Life right now, for both Grump and I, it became crystal clear evident that I am going to be the one largely responsible for the packing and moving.

Also for the Fitting Of Stuff In, and the Getting Rid of Stuff That Won’t Fit.

It’s just the way things are right now.

In order of this to work, though, without my having to explain to authorities just how my husband managed to walk into a knife 37 times, I had to have a chat with him. A chat along the lines of “If I’m doing it, shut the fuck up and let me do it my way.”

I said it nicely. I think he got it. I think we’ll be okay, now I have that off my chest and out of my head.


Sadly, I am also burdened – although, mostly, I admit it is a wonderful thing to be ‘burdened’ with – a need to know What’s Next. I need to be able to visualise things and to at least have an idea of options … I do not like to have a great, gaping void in front of me. Which is also occurring right now, as I know that some of our furniture will have to go, to make way for stuff that actually fits.

Coupled with Grumpy’s natural desire to assume that every time I say “I need to go look a couches/beds/bookshelves/storage” that I want to Buy All The Stuff Now, tensions can rise.

No. I need to look.

And that’s where the Voice In My Head said Go to Ikea and get a feel for what’s what.

This is, indeed, a brilliant idea that will go a long way to assuaging the Great Gap Of The Unknown in my head and fulfil my need for a visual reference for down the track.

The Voice also added,

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