It's a conspiracy

Planned a catch up with a friend from school and her kids. A trip to the zoo was in order.

My kids had obviously done some serious praying overnight, or the gods were just as embarrassed by the Overall Wearing Fiasco of yesterday, that a bucketing of rain occurred all morning and the plans were called off.

So my friend, kids in tow, came for lunch at our place instead.

(No less embarrassing from my perspective, except for the fact that regardless of what I wear, I look like a complete knob, so don’t really care. Or about the state of my house, either. They wanna bend down and pick stuff up, who am I to stop them, so long as they don’t expect the same from me.)

Of course, the sun came out shortly after they arrived at my ill-prepared-for-guests-abode, by which time the kids had all found the trains and weren’t going to move for any elephant – or elephant-sized people.

Monkey Boy, bored with the “little kids” embarked upon some artwork, after locating an image of Gordon Ramsay

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  1. How funny, you can’t argue with that! And he’s only 7! He’s one to look out for – imagine him at 15!!

    Great to meet you the other weekend at the BMN conference. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve tagged you for my 6 Things Meme which I’ve just posted on my blog. I’m new to this blogging world so let me know if I’ve broken any rules … you can tell me!

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