It's a good idea to pace yourself

Dropped kids off at school and got right into it.

First things first, went to one of two fave local cafes and ordered takeaway latte. Skinny.

It was then a matter of convincing Grumpy to take Chippie with him to get vegies and other stuff for the weekend, whilst I whipped up the cake for tomorrow’s family birthday celebration gathering and worked out what the hell I needed to do for dinner with friend’s this evening.

Receive a text message from a friend, who also happened to be taking a couple of school kids for cooking, my eldest son included. Apparently, he has informed her of his newly acquired skill of climbing onto the garage roof. “It’s a life skill,” he allegedly informed her.

Am glad I have chosen to make a mud cake, as it allows me a couple of legitimate swigs of a coffee liqueur before lunch. Thankfully have enough for cake. And a couple more swigs. And a splosh in my early afternoon coffee.

Cake baked, Grumpy home, Chippie fed, house tidied (ish), kids collected from school and taken to supermarket to grab a few more provisions for weekend. Arrive home 23 minutes before guests due to arrive for dinner, and still manage a shower, and to whip up a dips platter.

Chippie escapes out back door, finds cat’s water, splashes around a bit then drinks from the bucket. Well, that’s him sorted, and leaves me free to serve guests and sit down with a glass of wine.

Dinner served, more wine consumed, Chippie in bed and other kids set up in front of a movie and watching rude clips on You Tube.

Evening finally complete and it hits me: 1) it’s very late and we have 20 guests coming for lunch, and 2) I think I had more drinks than intended.

I really must learn to pace myself. Organising a dinner, followed the next day by a lunch, is just silly. Especially when there’s baking of cakes involved.

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