It's a sign.

am Its first thing in the morning.

I’m sure this is a sign I should go back to bed. Bad things could happen today if I stay up. Although the way things are going, the roof will probably collapse on me in bed.

There is no milk. I put some in my coffee, then Grumpy Pants used the remainder in his, then buggered off to work.

He buggered off to work just after consuming the last two slices of bread in the house (and, yes, I did check under the couch and behind the fridge).

One child has eaten breakfast. So I have one child and one Mummy to feed breakfast to, and two children to make lunches for. With no milk. And no bread.

Convince Godzilla that Nutri grain with strawberries is the best breakfast ever – not an easy accomplishment when all he heard was “no milk”. Everything after that was lost to the screeching wails of a four year old.

Computer still playing silly buggers, so can’t even read all my e-mails (very important stuff) before it chucks it in. Why can’t I chuck it in like that.


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