It's all about taking the action

Woke with pounding headache.

Not, this morning, due to being kicked, punched or headbutt by baby.

No, this was a real, proper, pouding headache. I lie there for a bit, attempting to get my bearings and regain some kind of thought process. Any kind of thought process would be nice.

Grumpy reminds me about playgroup and morning tea duties.

He immediately follows this with “Oh, and I’m going to play golf on Friday.”

Might I remind everyone at this point that Friday is the day he has off work. Thus my only day I have the whole day to do my own work.

I don’t think he realised I have a pounding headache.

We had a few, appropriate, words.

Not long after, he informed me that “Ok, well, I’ll grab some stuff for playgroup morning tea on the way home from dropping the kids off at school. I may need to leave playgroup a bit early so I can go to my meeting.”

That sounds like a much better plan.

Manage to get small amount of work done, despite head and stupid, illogical technical issues that seem to crop up when I least need or desire them to.


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