It's all business, baby!

I’ve been awaiting this for quite a few months now … so was pretty excited when it turned up in my post box this morning.

Sadly, even then I had to wait a little longer, cos although I’d managed to get out of the house reasonably well and get to the post office before everything else, when I wandered in with my little “you have a package to collect” thingy, the line was revoltingly long and I had to go and do some other stuff.

Like have the pelt ripped from my legs, a process during which I lost approximately 10 kilo. It’d been a while.

Then I had to collect a person of the boyish persuasion and bring him home so he may keep the Middlest One entertained, and vice versa.

Once I’d collected him I was able to collect my package, which contained two copies of the long awaited

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