It's All Business

Another day of assisting with the fantabulous Kids Business Bloggers Brunch; an job I absolutely love doing, and which forces me out of pyjamas and outdoors to mix and mingle with some equally fabulous people.

I even get to frock up a little.

This did not stop me from swearing considerably at 8.00p.m. last night, as I realised I had completely neglected to organise my highly irregular and infrequent leg and underarm wax, and after sorting out my attire and deciding not to stress about it, I settled for a quick underarm shave and reorganising the bags I’d chosen to accompany me to today’s event.

Having already decided to wear ‘civvies’, i.e. my jeggings, boots and comfy top, and pack my more suitable frock and shoes in a medium sized bag, I changed my

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