It's all in a day's cleavage

Awoken several times between 11pm and 3am with grizzly toddler.

By four he was in our bed, Grumpy up just after 5 and left me lying in bed, feverishly hot toddler who refused to allow us to remove the socks from his extremly toasty feet, lying the length of my arm, snoring.

Mmm, conducive to aiding what little sleep I have remaining to me.

Manage to remove arm without waking him, run to coffee machine and embrace it lasciviously, pour MUG and prepare for my latest radio interview. Chippie, with his intuitiveness, awakes, has a tanty as I’m expecting a call, and try to recall how I managed this situation yesterday afternoon, feed him some panadol (for his fever) and a mandarin, three portions make their way down my cleavage. After he’d had a go at masticating them.

Phone call complete, it was time to tackle the Morning Lunch Making, fight plastics drawer for Monkey Boy’s lunchbox which is not where it lives, spill majority of drawer over floor, retrieve required repositories, and am informed he has the aths carnival today, and is required to take his lunch in a plastic bag and disposable wrapping.


All done, have shower, answer door to babysitter – not a DVD, but my niece – in a towel, finish getting dressed and head off to ProBlogger event and meet some lovely people I’ve been chatting with online for some time now.

Remember to text home at some point to check how Chippie and his fever are.

Go for drinks afterwards, including a glass of wine which I manage to drink without spilling any, pouring on anyone, or licking it off one of my new friends.

Arrive home, find Grumpy considerably relaxed and engrossed in the evening winding down ritual, and am attributed task of guitar lessons. Nearly fall asleep in guitar lessons.

Arrive home, make hot chocolate and spill some on chest.

Hmmm. Love the extremes of the day; screaming toddler versus the room full of writers and ideas, sitting and thinking then wandering dark streets in the rain to guitar lessons, semi-masticated mandarin in the morning and hot chocolate in the evening …

… all in a day’s ‘work’.

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