It's all in the communication if you want my mind to work

The end of the week – where did that go?! – and it hits me, becuase I have still been unsuccessful in setting the coffee machine properly, that Monkey Boy has a birthday party to go to, I have no present, and have registered to attend a 2-day business conference.

I have a walk and coffee planned with a friend, whilst the Grumpy one does the school thing. I ring to ask him to find out from birthday kid’s mum what birthday kid wants and text me immediately. I ring again, several hours later to find out result of birthday kid conversation, to be given an answer far too late to be able to do anything about it.

Or anything my mind could do about it in it’s current state.

Have mild vent, get told “don’t worry about it, then” and have more tanty. Have minor tanty about lack of decent clothes to wear to conference, lack of compliant children and lack of functioning ability to make decent coffee in new machine.

Damn the stress of life.

And, damn, almost 9pm – too late to go get birthday kid a present.

Fine, I will just not worry about it, then.

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