It's been four days …

It’s been four days at home with two kids. Oh, wait, make that three. Four if you count the husband.

Tried explaining several times to Godzilla why he wasn’t going to gymnastics or kinder today, because there was a very special horse race on that Mummy wasn’t going to. Again!!!

(Probably not a bad thing, coz it’s hard to feel glamourous when you’re wearing beige post-natal undies that come up to your armpits, even if no one can see them.)

Grumpy suggests going for a drive somewhere, so off we go. We pack the picnic stuff, hop in the car and drive. We stop at some little town for a roast chicken and bread rolls, hop back in the car and attempt to locate a park, playground or both in which we can have our picnic.

Not one to turn back, or check out some possible side streets for such amenities (and those amenities, too, because Godzilla needed a wee, NOW, but we couldn’t stop because Grumpy was driving … ) we were shortly out of teensy town and into the 100kmph zone again.

The requests for needing to wee and needing to eat became increasingly urgent, but there was no stopping. Eventually, we got to him and, as the next town was an hour away he pulled over at a historical marker on the side of the road and set up picnic there. Accompanied by bazillions of flies and passing caravans.

We ate quickly, and pushed on. Godzilla had forgotten to wee, mostly due to five year old disgust at having to eat on the side of the road (ish) so we pulled over further on to see to that task.

By this stage, I was really kicking myself that I hadn’t just organised that bbq I really wanted to do. Being Cup Day and all, I just like to spend it with lots of people. But I didn’t. And here I was.

I thought we’d never get into the spirit of the Day.

But we drove into Bendigo and I spotted a TAB. WIth ten minutes to spare. Sent Grumpy in to place some small amount on the horses. I would have, but he wanted “that horse, you know, by that Irish guy” – so I suggested he may have a better idea of who he actually wanted. I chose Mad Rush – because I hadn’t had time to read the papers and it was the only name I remembered.

Raced into the bar area of the cafe/hotel/restaurant thing next door just in time.

My horse came seventh, his came 19th. Still worth it all, though.

Head home, where Godzilla advised that Monkey Boy was a “stupid idiot”, Monkey Boy stuck his tongue out and Godzilla declared the “whole

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