It's Belated Birthday Month!


September is Birthday Month here at Real Mums.

Not because it’s when the site started, necessarily – I don’t even really know when that was, such was the nature of the hurdles and length of time it took to get it up in the first place – but because it is the time of the year when there are two birthdays in our house, one being the most important birthday.


Also, it is the time of year we have some 37 billion birthdays on, between me, the kids, my friends, their friends and the rest of it.

It’s a Birthday Bonanza!

Not really – it’s freaking exhausting, and I have to remember all these birthdays (thank goodness for Mayhem Managers, I tell ya!) and think of suitable things to purchase for kids I don’t really know, and some I do.

So, I just decided, this year, to make September Birthday Month at Real Mums.

Except, in all my brilliant and pedantic planning, I didn’t account for stuff to not happen according to plan (you think I’d have learnt now, wouldn’t you?) so, instead of Birthday Month in September, we’re doing a Belated Birthday Month in October.

And we’re having a SALE!

Hurrah …. first up, some very special, exclusive items that are only available for a very, very limited time only and only until stocks last.

I won’t be restocking with these items, and there’s only what there is.

Also, because I am SUCH a gifts person,

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