It's good to get out of the house

The end of an interesting week; lots of highs and lots of lows, emotions running rampant from one end of the scale to the other in the space of seconds.

And I’m not even pre-menstrual.

Grumpy Pants working this evening and at the thought of the v-e-r-y l-o-o-o-o-n-g weekend stretching ahead of us, and the fact it was just gone half past ten in the morning and I was already ready to throttle the kids, I felt the best thing to do was go out for a walk.

We’d pay off some more of Godzilla’s layby he’d organised with the early birthday grandparent cash present he received. Then spent several hours explaining to him that, no, he couldn’t actually get the thing now, but that he would pay some more off it and if he got more money for his birthday, then he would get it sooner. Or he could pay it off with his pocket money over the next few weeks. It’s a sizeable chunk we’re paying off. It won’t be long.

All he could think of was “now”.

All he could hear me say was “no”.

I resorted to foetal-positioning, yelled at all of them about shoes and left the house seven hours later, because that’s how long it takes them to put shoes on.

Off we went, up the street, having all kinds of fun conversations like “stop pushing him onto the road” and “no you can’t have a milkshake because you are being a pain in the arse, and if you ask me again I may very well push you onto the road when a car is coming” and “try me, I dare you”.

Layby payment made, running around shopping centre conducted, waiting until mummy has finally found a top she would dearly love to try on then screaming “I need to do a poo, now” performed and, finally “Can we please leave the toilets now?” request made.

I recall the desperate need I have for more foundation and mascara, and pop into the discount chemist place that is a budget-conscious chemisty-type-product-needers dream and head in there. Lots of flourescent yellow stickers and signs screaming “15% off” and “25%” off and “only $3!!” and that sort of thing. Wend my way to the makeup section, locate the foundation I think I’m after (the last stuff I bought was approximately 4 years ago and no longer exists) and proceed to check out colours and how it works on my skin tone.

The flouro yellow screamy signs send the kids into some kind of hyperactive

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  1. You’re brave. Even THINKING about trying on a top….or perusing the make up counter with all the kids in tow leaves me in a cold, cold sweat.

  2. Was having a really bad weekend but thanks to your own bad day shopping I am now laughing out loud. Makes me feel better that I am not the only one that experiences the same delights on a shopping trip with my kids. Thank you!!

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