Its happening again!

I’m really really sure I am going insane.


I’m really getting worried.

I just had the bedtime routine from hell (yet again!)

I wrestled the kids into the bath – actually, tonight wasn’t too bad. They went willingly. They used to. They decided they love showers more. But you can’t add a bucketlaod of lavender oil to the shower and have it work.

(“Just get it put in the pipes. Get a plumber to do it if you can’t.”)

And I wanted a break. Is that wrong of me? A bit of time out.

Given my morning…

I had been waiting patiently for my Harry Potter book to arrive. My friends had read their’s and I had to stand around with hands over ears saying “NO NO DON’T TELL ME”

(Have you noticed you talk louder when you have your hands over your ears).

Anyhoo, it arrived this morning. But, of course, the family want food. They want to eat. And want toothbrushes that work. And deodorant. And whinge whinge we want blah blah

So, poor Harry was sitting on the passenger seat of the car while I did the grocery shop. An hour and a half. Then had to do kinder pickup. The front cover hasn’t even been cracked yet.

I felt it only fair that I at least get a shower on my own.

Kids safely in bath, I venture into the ensuite, remove a sock and there, miraculously, is eldest child.

“Can I have a shower with you?”


This is where the insanity kicked in. I’m really, really, absolutely positive that I said “No”. Followed shorlty by “NO”. Which was immediatley followed by “NO!!!” and then “NO!!!!!”

I swear that’s what I said. I really do.

So why then, did I then have to say “Get out of my shower!” Three times.

Actually, come to think of it, it happened at dinner too. I’m sure I said “Use a fork” when I noticed Monkey Boy dragging carrot after carrot through the gravy with his fingers.

I’m sure I said it, and not “continue using your fingers and make as much mess as possible”.

Obviously not.

What’s happening to me? Why am I having no recall for the things I say? Why is what I’m thinking and what I’m saying different?

Can I please, please have my own padded cell.

Preferably in the isolation ward.

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  1. Kids are so tactile. I laugh at myself every time I tell my boys to stop eating with their hands.

    For starters, they’re eating with their mouth.

    Then for 2nds, if they were in India or Africa, their way of eating would be appropriate.

    Still doesn’t stop me obsessing with where the dirty hands are going to place that “dirt”

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