It's human! And it's alive!!!

Argh! I hate Thursdays at the best of times.

This year is slightly better, what with the two older ones now doing swimming at the same time. And at the same place.

Not at the same place, only six and a half hours apart with the need for school dropoffs and pickups in between.

Not that it makes the kids any more meniable.

Still, I have found something that sorts them out. Quite by accident.

I feed Chippie, real growed up food – mashed stuff. He likes it. The main problem with it is, well, he now poos human poo.

Not that breast milky poo, but real human poo. It’s gross. And smelly.

I then do some proficient yelling about finishing meals and getting in baths. I strip the littlest one off as two school-aged kids come hurtling in, wrestling, teasing and doing everything but quietly getting undressed and hopping in the bath.

“Right!I yell, as I whip the nappy out from under a wriggling little bottom and simultaneously point

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