It's just like Christmas has come early!

I had the awesomest day today. Mostly because it consisted of no children and lots of food that I didn’t have to share.

Not necessarily in that order and the combination of the two was awesome. Although, really, the gross consumption of food would adequately have covered for children being present. If they were. Which they weren’t. Which gave me one less thing to worry about.

3 Replies to “It's just like Christmas has come early!”

  1. Thank you to Amanda for eating my balls, it caused us much hilarity on Twitter when you told everyone about it.

    I’d seriously like to pinch your photos as they’re much better and more numerous than mine.

    You may not remember, but the reason the Emergency Supplies photo was funny was because it was near alcohol.

    Sit next to me next time, especially if they serve alcohol, I don’t drink much.

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