I swear I’m the only mum … parent even… at the childcare centre whose toddler has a tantrum just outside the front door.

Not because he doesn’t want to go in. No, we don’t have these tantrums in the morning. They are reserved for the afternoon, when we are leaving.

And not because he doesn’t want to leave, either.

I’m sure of that.

In fact, I actually have no idea what these tantrums are about, save they are right outside the door, there is lying on the ground, there is screaming and crying and there is mummy about to lose the plot.


There are times in your life when you really just want to be like everyone else. To blend in. This is one of these times.

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  1. My Big Boy regularly reminds me that being at home is BORING (‘Tell me about it,’ I reply), so when pick up time comes at the end of an 8 hour child care stint, he will only get in the car if I have brought a Scotch Finger with me. The feeling’s mutual, son.

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