It's not that hard to get

After a week of “creating my work space” (ie tidying my office and ensuring it was ‘workable’) Grumpy decides that the extra “space” will come in handy.

Yes, the space I have created in front of my stationery cupboard will be a good spot for a couple of boxes of his old … stuff.

And the bit in front of the stock cupboard will be a great place to keep the kids bikes.

The fact that I have removed things from that area so that I have space and can actually access them is beside the point.

Fortunately, he has the “pregnancy hormones” to blame – obviously I’m being completley irrational and its just a clashing of the Grumpy Hormones and the Nesting Hormones.

The fact that I cleaned my office out and am trying to keep it that way doesn’t even

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