It's obvious, isn't it

After much telling Monkey Boy what sort of cake he was getting, immediately after asking him what sort of cake he wanted, I created this:

Because I’ve always loved decapitating LEGO men, so making a cake that is a decapitated LEGO man’s head has always been a fantasy of mine. Well, not really. I just like making stuff up and seeing if it works, then being mildly dissapointed when it doesn’t.

And yelling “IT’S

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  1. The cake looks fabulous, except the colour, but a fabulous way to use up ingredients you don’t like!

    Another way of disguising overcooked potatoes if you have time is to put them in a baking dish, spend 10 seconds mashing them (don’t overmash) add herbs, salt, pepper and olive oil then put it in the oven until it looks lovely. Takes 30-40 minutes and looks as you meant it.

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