Its ok to do, right?

The usual Thrusday chaos.

Grumpy off to work, make lunches, do school drop off, do swimming lessons, catch up with friends for coffee, return home, do six hours work in two, school pickup, back off to swimming lessons, and prepare a nutritious dinner with a small tin or corn kernals and some pasta.

And the kids just don’t listen. It’s chaotic. Get dressed. Get your shoes. Have you packed your lunch. Where are your bathers? Why did you take your towel out? Well I made your lunch, where did you put it? Get in the car. Get in the car. Get in the CAR. GET IN THE CAR NOW!!!

Then we get home. Unpack your lunch. No, now. Now. NOW. Put the ice-cream back. No you can’t. No. No. No. Lunch box, unpacked. Now. Now. Now. Come and have dinner. Now.

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