It's on TONIGHT!

After months and months of hard work (and years on the part of the producer, Elisa) I am more than a little excited, and just a little bit scared, to be watching Season 4 of Room To Grow on telly tonight!

I worked on the show for Season 3, when it aired on community television station, Channel 31, which was broadcast in Melbourne and Geelong.

Last year (2012) the show has the opportunity to move to a nationally broadcast station, owned my Channel 7. It was a tough decision!

Tonight, we go to air on free to air digital Channel 74 – TV4Me.

It kicks off at 8.00 p.m. tonight (Wednesday the 20th February), is hosted by a gorgeous good friend of mine, and fellow co-producer and co-presenter Renee Mayne (some of you know her as the Bra Queen) and presents on a range of parenting topics.

Tonight’s show also features some amazing colleagues whom I admire very much.

Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids will be talking about starting high school.

Martine from The Modern Parent is discussing cyberbullying.

And I’ll be interviewing Amber Drake, who is the nutrition program manager at Dairy Australia, on the importance of dairy intake.

This is a massive, massive step for Elisa and I’m really honoured to have the opportunity to be working not just with her, but on the show as well.

For both Renee and I, our roles have increased significantly; I have personally gone from presenting three times in a season, to presenting every week. Sometimes multiple times in a single episode. We’ve both been co-producing the show, too.

I hope you have the opportunity to watch the show, I hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed presenting on it and I hope you’ll join me in a glass of bubbles to celebrate this new step for all of us.

Raise a glass to Elisa; she deserves it and getting the show to this point has been no picnic. It has been fraught with all kinds of drama – and I’m not just talking about me and my associated ‘queen-ness’.

If you miss tonight, we’re on again tomorrow, Thursday mornings at 10.00a.m and Friday evenings at 8.00pm.

You can also see the episode and individual segments on the Room To Grow website at

Or you can subscribe to the Room To Grow You Tube Channel

See you tonight!

And for the record, saying “Dairy Australia’s Nutrition Program Manager, Amber Drake” is really, really hard!

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