It's so nice when they get along

Ah, a usual morning, breakfast, yelling at them to have breakfast, get dressed, yell at them to get dressed, walk out door to go to school, get to corne, walk back, yell for several more days for them to “hurry up and get dressed so we can bloody leave for bloody school so we’re not bloody late! Argh!”

Leave again, with kids this time, and surprisingly with correct footwear and other attire for the sports day they’re having today and all the book bags we require. Doing well. Must have done something right with the coffee this morning.

In the first 18 steps I have alternated between telling them off for being too loud and screaming because they are having loads of fun with each other, to telling them off for being loud and screaming because they are at each others throats. Once, quite literally at each other’s throats.

They finally settle on being friendly towards each other, and having lots of fun. Better still, they came up with a “game” where they connected their school bags together (still on their respective backs) by the bit that normally goes around the waist. Then, one ran so that the other had to to keep up. Then the other ran and so on and so on. Bonus, at this rate we were gonna be really early. And I wouldn’t have to tell them to hurry up at all this morning. That will make for a nice change to the routine.

Inevitably, it got a little out of hand when they added climbing and walking along fences to the mix, and I really had to step in when Monkey Boy, still attached to Godzilla at the school bag, attempted to jump from gate post to gate post.

I made them get down and stop being idiots, because I am an evil mummy and never, ever ever

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  1. Totally understand that dilemma. It is nice when they do get along, but once they do they seem to get into all sorts of mischief! Like my girls – I was wondering once why they were sooo quiet. Well, they were “experimenting” with my cleanser and toner on the floor of my shower! Yes, pouring it down the drain…or what’s left of the cleanser that I had been trying so hard to save because it was almost finished! I can NEVER understand them sometimes….sigh…

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