It's started again!

School is back and I am so not ready for it.

Commenced with a punch up over who was going to get the new school bag which arrived in the post last week and me forgetting to make lunch again.

Luckily, I gave up on ironing school shirts at the beginning of term 3 in Monkey Boy’s first year, so haven’t had to worry about that for 2 years.

Grumpy took Godzilla to the library for story and craft time, before we swapped over and he went off to work. Returning home at just before 11am with a video, Godzilla decided he had to watch it there and then.

“After lunch” he is told.

“I already had mine lunch” he informs me. The snack he had before he left this morning. I suspect it was just a bit more breakfast, be he assures me it was lunch.

“Well, when I’ve had lunch, then. Then you can watch it.”

Five minutes later, in he walks, holding a plate containing a ham sandwich.

“I make your lunch for you. Here. Can I watch the video now?”

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