It's still happening…

Sleep in, get up, make coffee.

Notice un-iced cakes on bench.

Grumpy Pants has to head out and I’m waiting for Monkey Boy to be dropped off at 9.

Plenty time. Ish.

Commence making icing, realise I have used a recipe I have never ever seen before, let alone followed successfully. Grumpy has not seen it either. No idea what I’m talking about.

As I’ve started, I continue with it, taking somewhat longer than I normally would have. All worked out. Except that Monkey Boy still not shown and Grumpy now no longer has time to drop my cakes off at the cake stall on his way out.

Godzilla refuses to co-operate so we can run up the street for the drop-off (even though I was happy for him to go in his jarmies. I mean, its not like he hasn’t gone up the street in them before) and by this stage it was too late to leave the house in case Monkey Boy showed.

As it turns out, I could have gone up the street, dropped the cakes off, had a chat with some other Mums, bought myself a much needed new top and had a latte (skinny) with Godzilla by the time he got there.

Head straight off to guitar lessons, thinking a relaxing late morning before going to a friends house for lunch was in order. Then remembered the birthday party he was invited to tomorrow. And the lack of present to go with it.

Headed up to Massive Shopping Complex where they tried to tell me they were so good that they needed to be rewarded. Explained that the reward came at the end of the expedition, not before we’d even started.

Purchased present for this weekend and next. Found a top I liked, so made kids sit under clothing rack while I looked and tried a few on.

Time to go home and get organised, or have a latte then straight to friends. Went for option two, paid $49 for a latte, two milkshakes and a crap muffin.

Then had a fabulous relaxing time with friends, lunch made for me, wine and proper coffee.

Sometimes, I just love other people’s kids.

Got home, kids bathed and snuggled on the couch to watch Nemo (after several, child instigated “discussions” about whether it was Cars again, or not)

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