It's tricky

Monkey Boy was invited, a few weeks back, to partake in the Next Level Up Class in Gymnastics.

He went along, tried it out, enjoyed it but the condition of him “moving classes” was that he also took up an extra one. Turns out, it wasn’t “just” the next level up, it was the squads class where they are very serious.

Which is where it got tricky … the second night clashed with swimming lessons, of which we would lose our term fees if we left, and therefore couldn’t use those funds for the second gymnastics class.

Also, whilst he loves gymnastics, he’s not passionate about it, and really has no inclination to become a champion gymnast or collect a heap of medals. He was sent to classes in an attempt to curb some of his patholgocial climbing and hanging off stuff.

Hence his name, just in case you missed the connection.

Really, what he wants to do is the Tricking Class, which he was unable to join due to being two years too young for it. Our ideal, for the interim, is that there is a recreation, as opposed to squads, class for the level he is ready for. Just till he can do Tricking.

Things were on my side, however, when I rang the Head Coach to let her know we weren’t ignoring the invite to the squads (which is pretty exciting if you think about it) and our current situation re too much on and what our ideal would be.

“Oh, that’s fine. All the big kids have moved out of Tricking, and we’re looking at lowering the age anyway. If he wants to come and try one out, bring him in …”

It all falls into place. Ish.

The start time clashes with the finishing time of basketball training for Godzilla, but surely we can work through this?

I hoped so, as I watched Monkey Boy kill some time at basketball training by climbing up stuff, and attempting (quite well) to balance on things that he really shouldn’t have been up on in the first place, let alone walking across in falling apart shoes some four foot off the ground. With me yelling at him to get down and stop climbing on things that are not designed to be climbed on.

Also, Chippie was following and copying.

I hope he likes this Tricks Class, I though.

Because the great thing about it is he’s going to learn how to do stupid shit, along the lines of what he’s doing now.

Of course, the downside is, he’s going to learn how to do stupid shit, along hte lines of what he’s doing now ….


He LOVED it.

Now to re-order chaos …

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