I've said it before, Mums should just not be allowed out without kids

Last night I head off to a “Bloggaroke” night.

This, for the uninitiated is one of those words made up out of two other common words, one of which usually relates to a particular “group” or “category” of people who, damn it, determine they are important enough to make up their own word with them as the focus!

Mumpreneuer, for examples, is a mother who is also an entrepreneuer. See? Clever, huh?

Anyhoo, Blaggaroke is when a group of bloggers head off for a night of karaoke. Which is what we did. Funnily enough.

Before I continue, there is a reason this category of person blogs. It is because they cannot sing for shit and their word is better blogged than harmonised.

Well, some of the actually could sing. I fall into the previously mentioned group, and feel much more comfortable and less alone suggesting that others accompany me there.

The night was organised by two other Melbourne Bloggers, Dorothy and Toushka, and was sponsored by some fabulous people, inlcuding Lindt Australia, who donated a prize, but I don’t really care about that, because I managed to get my hands on some Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate that I’ve been unable to get my hands on at my local Coles for some weeks now!

(Please excuse me for a moment while this stress-attack subsides!)

I was a smidge nervous about gong, few people I knew well, some I kinda knew and more that I didn’t know at all.

No – don’t be silly – I wasn’t at all

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  1. I’m having a moment’s silence in honour of your three days of post-hen’s night vommies.

    Was an awesome night, I thought you were a great singer! Anyone who hits the notes more often than not and doesn’t yell into a mic turned up to full volume gets my vote! 😉

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