July 15th

First day of our garage sale today. Inevitably it rained all night last night. This, at least, kept all the early callers away.

It did also, however, rain all day, which meant people in general were kept away. We had lots of helpers though, which was a good thing, as, inevitably, two little boys woke up this morning with temperatures exceeding 39 degrees C. Standard practice in our house when there is lots to do. Little boys get sick.

On the upside, they were feeling so crappy that they spent the day lying on the couch watching DVDs.

On the downside, they missed their sleepover at their cousins house this weekend.

This was due to the fact that four hours were spent in the emergency department of the Children’s Hospital with a temperature that not only didn’t go down after a good dose of Panadol, but decided it would continue into the 40’s and beyond. Don’t like going to the emergency department for anything really, but on a Saturday night, there aren’t a lot of options.

And for somewhere that is not expected to have the usual Saturday Night Emergency Department goings on, like stabbings, shootings and serious car accidents due to stupidity and alcohol, the place was pretty busy. Which was not fun, as I spend a good couple of hours sitting with a shirt sleeve covered in spew.


So ended up wearing Grumpy’s jumper. Turns out Monkey Boy has a virus and it will go away in a day, or maybe a few days, or possible a week.


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