July 17th

Second day of garage sale was slightly better. Got rid of half our “shit” (as Monkey Boy calls it), so we now only have a garage full of stuff to go.

Discussions are now continuing as to whether we do another garage sale or we make an attempt at E-Bay.

Don’t have time to think about it, as am making lunches, getting homework, readers and bags organised, making sure there are snacks in the gymnastics bag, as well as uniform ….. another early morning and back to “work”.

Not sure why, as Monkey Boy still very sick and not going to school today. Or gymnastics.


Came home aching and very tired.

Had to go to doctor for follow up check for Monkey Boy, to make sure the emergency dept doctor hadn’t missed anything. We had to leave the minute I got home.

Kids in jarmies watching TV. Mad rush to get them organised, so we ended up going to doctors in pyjamas. Me included. Being very tired

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