July 1st

Oh dear. We have not been paying children enough attention this last week. This is incresaingly evident as the language & behaviour get progressively worse.

Monkey Boy is now assisting Godzilla with his trademark destruction of anything in his path. Only he is doing it at greater heights.

Godzilla tantrumed for a consistent hour and a half because, firstly, his cheesey macaroni was in the wrong bowl. It was a bowl. How was I to know it was the wrong one? “I DON’T WANT THAT BOWL. I WANT IT IN THIS BOWL.”

Repeatedly. For 20 minutes until we transferred the majority of the cheesey macaroni from the larger bowl to the smaller bowl. As much as would fit.

Followed by 45 minutes of “PUT IT IN THIS ONE. PUT IT IN THIS ONE.”

Do they not get sore throats? How can they continue for this long? Why does it even f***ing matter which f***ing bowl its in???

Eventually, once we’d worked out what he was saying & he eventually said “please” (hey, we can be persistent, too!), we put the macaroni remaining in the big bowl on top of that in the small bowl.

Followed by another 30 minutes of tears because every time he stuck his fork in the bowl, the bits on top fell off.


Eventually calmed him down, showered them both, put them to bed & sat down to watch a movie together. Just Grumpy & I. No chips this time, because have needed to go shopping for about 3 weeks but not gone yet. Godzilla got up – of course, we were trying to watch a movie, how could we not see this was going to happen. Put him back to bed. Monkey Boy wanted something, anything, just to get us into his room. How could we not see this was going to happen? After several goes of this we decided that ignoring it was the best way to deal with it, so we turned the volume up & sat back.

Until Monkey Boy yells from his room, “Mummy, will you come & get this bloody little shit out of my bed?!”

Oh, dear. “um, he’s your baby brother & you can ask nicely.”

“Yeah, but he’s still a little shit.”

Note to self: Do not ignore children for a week. It creates problems.

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