July 20th

Surprise, surprise.

Mummy got sick. Very sick.

Mummy had to spend 3 days in bed because she was very sick and could not get out.

Daddy had to make lunch this morning. And get the bags organised for swimming this morning. And do school drop off and pick up. Making sure all the relevant bags were organised to get to school, and all the appropriate bags and things came home from school.

Daddy was very grumpy this afternoon.

Monkey Boy was very hungry this afternoon.

“Daddy can’t make my lunch properly. He didn’t make me enough. And didn’t make me a quadruple decker sandwich for my lunch. And didn’t give me a spoon for my yogurt. And forgot to fill up my water.”

Mummy had chat to Daddy, too, about why Mummy got sick and how she needs him to do things. Properly. Like Mummy does them, because that’s the way things are done properly.

(He he, and Mummy is the favourite, ner ner nerner ner).

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