July 27th

Back to uni and placement. Both lectures and working.

Grumpy has come to the party and is making lunches. When I say coming to the party, I mean that I’m just not bloody doing it. So he does it, or Monkey Boy goes to school with no lunch. Simple.

I’m still getting things organised the night before – bags, readers etc – but am not having to deal with the lunch making. This is nice. I actually got to sit down at the table and eat my breakfast this morning. I usually do it standing up, taking bites in between lunch making and bag organising.

I even read the newspaper. Well, bits of it anyway. OK, it was one from last week, but I’m getting the gist of what’s happening in the world. Sort of.

Still not coping with the early morning starts though. Well, its not the getting up early – I’ve been doing that for years. Not much choice there, really. Its the having to be dressed. And not just dressed, but presentable and appropriately dressed. For office work.

Thank goodness for the crushed look! Otherwise I’d be in trouble.

(Oh, and still no landscaper this morning. Coming next week now.)

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