July 28th

We’re getting a back yard!!! The landscaper turned up! Yay!!

And he even did some work. Its all very exciting.

No more clothesline in a stupid spot in the backyard.

And, I’ll be able to lock the kids outside. In the back yard. And not feel guilty! That’s the best bit.

(I feel guitly now because all they have to play with is a patch of dirt. Well, currently mud. But it is a large patch, so it should keep them entertained for a bit.)

Grumpy Pants is helping the landscaper. So it’s giving him something to do. For the moment.

Not sure how he’s coping, though, with tools other than a butter knife and a pair of red handled pliers, but we’ll see how he goes. To date, he’s managed to perform numerous repairs and maintenance around the house using only these two implements.

Have I mentioned that as a handy man, he makes a great chef?

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